Individual Therapy

Re-tell your Story

Feeling a bit down lately and nothing seems to lift your spirits? It might be time to seek help from a professional. At Talking Space Counseling, Individual Therapy sessions will help you to develop positive attitudes towards life’s most complex circumstances. Set realistic goals, re-narrate your "story", determine what your real skills and hopes are based on the real evidence of your past not on emotional tapes. Call today and allow me to help you see the glass half full in everything that life has to offer.

Couple being counseled

Couples Therapy

Equity and Equality

At Talking Space couples can reach out to each other safely and in an objective and fair space at any stage during crisis or just when planning or responding to changes and conflict in their relationship. The method we use at Talking Space is called Talking Stick Consultative Therapy. The Talking Stick is an ancient practice of listening and speaking with sincerity, respect and maturity by establishing a process by which all participants have equal time to talk, listen and respond to the others in their life and set measurable goals without fear of neglect or manipulation.

Tarot display

Alternative Therapies

Healing Pathways

Healing is personal; there are as many path to healing as there are people. This is why we offer a number of different therapies that are good for different reasons and issues. Tarot Therapy is used for symbolic analysis and narrative therapy for mental disease prevention and revealing greater self awareness as well as debriefing and crisis prevention. Reiki is useful for emotional de-armoring and panic reduction. Massage can relax muscle and fascia tension as well as reduce physiological stress.

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